Is this daylight savings time kicking anyone else’s butt? I don’t know why but I feel more exhausted than usual and, with it getting dark by 5, I’m just struggling to keep up with things and even stay awake. Regardless, here I set with my umpteenth cup of coffee for the day, just trying to rally before the show I am going to tonight. It’s not doing it but maybe checking out Betty Moon’s new album ‘COSMICOMA’ will do the trick.

The slow and steady yet infectiously powerful “Black Bloods” kicks this album off. I instantly found myself captivated by Betty Moon’s smoky and sultry vocals. Although a bit slower moving than I was expecting or wanting to jump start my energy level for tonight, the undeniable sense of power nd swagger in this track was hitting me just right. I found it super easy to fall into the steady beat and loved the way that beat had a sense of intensity and strictness while the vocals just danced above it. The chorus truly packs a punch compared to the rest of the track. A little bit of a southern tongue with the amount of swagger and attitude that comes with every word, I’m still not sure what Betty Moon is all about but I know I’m intrigued and can’t wait to check out the other seven tracks on this album.

Much like in the opening track, I found myself completely captivated by the vocals in “My Only One”. Although still encompassing the same amount of swagger and grit, there’s a sense of triumph with every word that truly spoke to my soul. The instrumentation stays steady but picks up the pace a bit and brings an almost electronic vibe which pairs oddly perfectly with the soulful vocals. The power in the vocals can truly not be understated but they seem to almost hold back. I can’t tell if I like this as a show of the perfect restraint it shows or if I really just want a track where the vocals hit a high note and show a sense of emotion that comes out in yelling. Instead of ramping up, the vocals take an almost whispered tone in “Give You Up”. Although it’s not quite what I wanted, it’s what I wanted deep down in my soul. I loved how even though the song feels a little darker and just a bit more dangerous, there’s something about the vocals that keep the energy level high and make sure that you hear and feel every word. I seriously can not put the amount of swagger felt in this track (and all of the tracks to be honest) into words.

“I’m A Mean Girl” was instantly a favorite track of mine. A powerful and gritty guitar part kicks this track off before the vocals come in with a sinister edge. A little haunting and a little threatening, the vocals seemed to expand on those heard in “Give You Up” in the way I wanted. Although this is one of the longer tracks on the album at just over four minutes, there’s an undeniable sense of movement throughout the track. Sure, it sounds like a lot is repeated but each repeat of a line of words or a pattern of notes seems to change ever so slightly and ramp up with energy every time. I loved that and it made this track fly by.

The fifth track, “The Mexican” continues to shine a spotlight on the amazing power of Betty Moon. There’s almost something a bit retro about the vibe of this track that I typically scoff off and don’t mention because I’m just not a fan of that style but it’s different on this track. Everything from the tone to the multiple intricate layers heard throughout this track that almost mash together to create a sense of fuzz just works so perfectly with this track. Even with everything going on instrumentally throughout this song, the vocals reign supreme and commanded my ears with ease which I absolutely adored.

Just when I thought I had Betty Moon pegged, “Are You Ready For Me?” took over my speakers and changed the game completely. Although the bare bones of this track are very Betty Moon, the rap parts that pop in and out are not and I’ll be honest, I was shook by this. I never got a rap influence or even taste through the previous tracks but the way they fit in this track and how Betty Moon’s vocals enhance the little rap verses is truly genius and I instantly wanted more. I know I try to only pick one “favorite track” from each album as to not overwhelm you but this one is absolutely worth your attention after you listen to “I’m A Mean Girl”.

The way the vibe changes so drastically from “Are You Ready For Me?” to “Where My Heart Is” is actually quite dramatic. The energetic vibe of “Are You Ready For Me?” changes into something just a bit more somber and mature but somehow I don’t hate this drastic change. It caught my ear and I feel like it really showed the true versatility of Betty Moon and how, although she has a strong sense of style and sound, she will never be put in a box of a single genre or even vibe. The switch from “Where My Heart Is” to “Screamtorium” is another good example of that. Instead of just fading out, this final track on the album sends you off with a garage-rock anthem that will absolutely get the blood pumping. A little Death From Above 1979, a little Sleigh Bells and a whole lot of Betty Moon, this ending track is a hell of a way to end a hell of an album.

My Favorite Track(s): “I’m A Mean Girl”; “Are You Ready For Me?”

For Fans Of: Swagger and Grit; Unclassifiable Sounds

Mosh-ability: 7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Autumn chirped at a squirrel outside of the window; Artie slept on the back of the couch

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.8 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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