To say I’m having a stressful day today would be an understatement and I’m a bit overwhelmed and honestly feeling a bit defeated. You know what that means– time to check out some new music to help snap me out of it. The cover of Phillip Saint John’s album ‘Sun Indigo’ is speaking to me right now. Maybe it’s the blue hue to the entire cover or just the contemplative look on his face– regardless, this is feeling like it may do just the trick for me so let’s jump in and check it out!

The title track, “Sun Indigo”, kicks this EP off right. With a stunningly beautiful and playful piano part getting the track started, I loved the way Phillip’s voice just kind of appears and really helps take you away from any stress or thoughts plaguing your mind. His hip-hop vibe has a very personable tone to it that instantly brought me a sense of comfort that I clearly so badly needed. With an ear-wormy chorus and overall just very chill and laid-back style, I instantly knew that this was the right choice for me right now. Although overall it’s calm and chill, the speed of which the words fly by in this opening track keeps the energy level high and kept me completely captivated until the album moved onto the second track, “Where We At Now”.

Even though it’s the shortest track on this already too short EP, “Where We at Now” was instantly a favorite of mine. From the words to the incredibly infectious beat, I just could not get enough of this track. With optimistic words and a very Midwest hip-hop (it’s a thing, I promise) vibe, I was instantly sold on this track and definitely had to listen to it a few times before moving on. A perfect blend of fun and carefree whimsy with truly thoughtful words and an intense message, I really can not stress enough how perfect this track is. If you’re having a bad day or just in a funk, turn this track on loud and I promise you’ll snap out of it in no time!

I love how the optimism felt in “Where We At Now” continues into “Beautiful Day” while clearly being a completely different track. Although clearly a track from Phillip Saint John (or PSJ as he introduces himself in this track), this one starts off with a more traditional almost commercial vibe takes over for this song and it instantly had me dancing around my house. Although I know it’s a bit of a cop-out because he’s another one of my favorite local hip-hop/ rappers in the local scene right now, I can’t help but compare PSJ (and this song in particular) to Nur-D. There’s just something so fun, so gorgeous, so carefree and simple yet oh so very raw and honest. Talking about being yourself and filling your own cup– oh how my heart warmed as I listened to every word and felt like PSJ was saying them directly to me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up ever so slightly just thinking about how perfect this song was for me at this very moment and surely many moments to come.

A more R&B base comes in for “I Wanna Be Your Friend” which I absolutely needed because I was feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by the emotions that came up during “Where We At Now” and “Beautiful Day”. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lyrics that hit straight to the core in this track like the previous ones but there’s just something a little bit more dancey in this one that had me feeling a little less emotional yet still just as happy and motivated. PSJ’s voice is gorgeous and that can be heard clearly in every track but there’s something about the tone in his voice during the chorus of “I Wanna Be Your Friend” that is just beyond perfect. It almost sounds like there are two people in this track, one for the chorus and one for the raps, and realizing that those two people are both one in the same, well, it’s just pure magic.

“New Pavement / You Say” is the longest track on this EP at right around four and a half minutes long but it honestly doesn’t feel like it. Expanding on the more R&B vibe laid out in “I Wanna Be Your Friend”, I found this track to be absolutely captivating. There’s an almost swirling motion in the instrumentation that continues throughout this song and really propels it faster than I would have liked but not in a bad way. I mean, I wanted this track to last even longer than it did and, as someone with a short attention span, that means everything. The playful nature of PSJ’s vocals and songwriting is heard throughout this EP but really comes to the forefront in this track in a perfect way.

Although “Faith” isn’t my favorite track on this release (but every track is amazing- let’s get that straight right now), it’s a truly stunning way to end the journey that is ‘Sun Indigo’. The piano that kicks this track off helps the album come full circle back to the opening title track. There’s a perfect balance of triumph and emotion in this while keeping true to PSJ’s distinct style. I feel like you can hear a little bit of everything that PSJ put in the spotlight previously in this EP in this one song. You get his Midwest hip-hop edge while getting the melodic magic of his voice all in the same line. There’s an undeniable sense of power and emotion in the instrumentation while everything just feels like and free. I loved how, although the final track, PSJ seems to get a little experimental at the end of this track. I hope this is a sign of things to come from him because I found it super intriguing and interesting. Regardless, I’m on the Phillip Saint John train now and I really hope you’ll join me!

My Favorite Track(s): “Where We At Now”; “Beautiful Day”

For Fans Of: Midwest Hip-Hop; Whimsy; Smiling

Mosh-ability: 4 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie chased Autumn all around the house

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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