I’ve been saving this album for a snowy day but apparently, we aren’t getting those right now up here in Minneapolis. I’m a bit bummed. I know most people don’t like the winters up here with how cold and snowy it gets but I, for one, love them so I’m a bit disappointed that it’s the last day of November and we haven’t gotten much of a winter yet. Maybe listening to this album will jinx it and the trend of not having a winter will continue but I’m willing to take the chance so let’s jump into this album that has been sitting on my desk for far too long now while I wait for the snow that is apparently not coming.

“Garage Princess” starts this album off with a super chill yet very energetic vibe. Simplistic yet complicated at the same time, I love how the more acoustic-based vibe lets all of the elements in this opening track truly shine. From the vocals to the intricate guitar work, I just feel like every layer is given a moment in the spotlight throughout this fairly quick opening track and it definitely lays the groundwork for what is sure to be an amazing album. Although it starts off slow and fairly understatedly quiet, this track ramps up in a perfect way and gives a glimpse into what may be to come. Again, I was excited as the album moved onto the next track, “Can’t Feel the Rain”.

Swagger is clearly going to be the name of the game with No More Winters and that comes through loud and clear on “Can’t Feel the Rain”. Definitely a bit more rockin’ than the opening track while still having a sense of clarity throughout all of the layers, this was an instant favorite of mine. Think a little The Black Keys with almost grunge-styled vocals over the distorted guitars, I loved the energy and power that this track brings to the table. I was really loving the energy as I found myself hitting my mid-afternoon lull so I was a bit bummed as “Send Me Down A Sign” took over and slowed things down. Back to that more acoustic-based sound like in “Garage Princess”, the swagger and grit felt in this track somehow kept the energy level high even though, overall, it’s just a bit more slow-paced and intentional than “Can’t Feel the Rain”.

Just like a rollercoaster ride, the energy and power reach another high for “Peekaboo”. Although instrumentally, I would relate this track to “Can’t Feel the Rain”, the vocals lose that gritty grunge vibe and are replaced by something oddly silky smooth but not in a conventional way. I really don’t know how else to explain it. The words are still full of power and an undeniable sense of swagger but they come with this hint of tenderness that made them a stand-out layer in this stellar track. “Oh Luisa” seems to expand on this swagger vs. tender line that No More Winters tows so perfectly. This track is one of the shorter songs on the album but that doesn’t keep it from getting stuck in your head instantly. Infectious guitar riffs, powerful drums, and those distinct gritty vocals, this track will probably still be playing in my head when I finally lay down for bed tonight.

“Never Stop Trying” was another instant favorite of mine. I’ve been re-watching Sons of Anarchy in my “free time” and honestly this track made me feel like I was in an episode of the show. Beyond that, the lyrics of this track definitely hit me to the core. “Never stop trying, never stop if it makes you tick.” I’m the type of person that loves motivational mantras to help me get through my days that seem to never end and this track just really hit the spot for me. I also realized that, although half way through this album, this is the first time I’ve really paid attention to the actual words being said rather than just the energy and power that they come with. I started wondering what other amazing lines of words I had missed previously while vowing to pay a little bit more attention to the upcoming tracks.

Again, the rollercoaster ride takes a dip as the album moves into “I Didn’t Know”. This track is the perfect palette cleaner after the almost fury that comes with “Never Stop Trying” but, I’ll be honest, it just didn’t hook me like some of the other tracks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a gorgeous track that’s full of energy but it just seemed to lack that swagger and grit that I got from the previous songs. I was expecting things to ramp back up for “What Could’ve Been” but, instead, was shown more of this more somber and intentional side of No More Winters. There’s a sense of heartbreak in this track that I hadn’t gotten from the previous songs that, although didn’t quite fit my current mood, was not lost on me. This is a stunning track and the way it follows “I Didn’t Know” so perfectly is, well, perfect, but it just wasn’t for me at this point in time.

“Hangman’s Creek” starts to bring back that undeniable swagger and energy that No More Winters does so well while still keeping things a bit calm to really make it fit well placement-wise. One of the wordier songs of this track, I love how you get an almost storytelling-styled vocal in this song not with just the words but also with how they are presented on a silver platter as they soar above the light instrumentation heard throughout this track. I’ll be honest, I was lost in the story of this song (which I won’t give away because I want you to listen to this whole album or at least just one track) and, before I knew it, “Aint So Bad” had taken over my house. “Ain’t So Bad” continues to bring back that swagger and grit with an undeniable edge. With a southern twang and words that lend to the overall style so beautifully while being relatable, this was a standout track and probably would have been in the running as a favorite of mine had I not already claimed two of the tracks on this album as my new favorites.

I was a bit bummed as I realized that “Wrong Train” was the next track to take over my house because it is also the second to last song on the album but No More Winters made sure to not leave me disappointed for long. Another swagger-filled track with those distinct No More Winter vocals, this is another track where I found myself falling for each and every word as they passed through my speakers. A little bit more of a traditional indie-rock vibe, this track felt like the one that will break this band. It’s just a bit more standard than some of the previous songs while still bringing that very No More Winters flavor to the mix.

Ending the beautiful journey that is ‘Sedentary Nomads’ is “Gotta Come Home”. This track ends the album perfectly while making it super easy to go back and start the album all over again without hesitation. The infectious beat and the solid bass drum throughout this track made this an addicting track while really putting all of the sides of this band in the spotlight. You get that grit, you get the southern influence, you get the intricate guitar work and the powerful beat– what I’m saying is that you get it all with this final track and in all the right ways.

Although I may not agree with No More Winters’ band name as I would like all the winters, I do agree with everything they do on this album. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride but one that I would ride over and over again.

My Favorite Track(s): “Can’t Feel The Rain”; “Never Stop Trying”

For Fans Of: Swagger; Grit; Southern Twang

Mosh-ability: 3 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie slept on the back of the couch; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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