It’s been a while since I have interviewed someone but the second I heard the two songs that make up “Songs From The Spare Room” from OK Cool, I knew I needed to know about this band! The song is just so perfect and I was so excited for the opportunity to learn more about these guys so let’s jump right into the interview!

Pick between It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, or Parks & Rec and please assign each band member as a character from said show

Haley: Parks and Rec! I would be Leslie and Bridget would be April.

Everyone says that every crowd is their favorite but, what city has the best audience and why is it Minneapolis?

Haley: We have never played Minneapolis (sorry!!) but I hear it’s very similar to Chicago! My dad has a friend that lives there and we went to a Twins game one time. It was a mustache-themed day, so we wore fake mustaches to the baseball game. So in my experience, Minneapolis is great.

Where is the best place to grab a slice of pizza in Chicago?

Bridget: We love Dimo’s Pizza in Wicker Park. We’re not bourgeoisie deep dish people. We are rats of the street. We belong to the grime.

What’s your favorite menu item at Taco Bell?

B: Doritos Locos Taco.

H: The acid reflux. And crunchwrap supreme.

Are you okay with unconventional interview questions? (too late!)

H: Yes!

How would you describe your music to your grandma?

H: I wouldn’t. Or I would say “you probably won’t like this.”

B: I would say it’s rock music. Just the most general kind of label possible. 

Favorite lyrics of all time? (it can be a full song, a phrase, etc. just please let me know who it is and what song!)

H: “I gotta move my car / I gotta move your couch” is a good line from “Bae” by The Front Bottoms. I like the banality of everyday, sweet stuff in lyrics. 

B: “I’ve been here before / don’t you know it’s all the same / don’t you know you’re not to blame for feeling?” from Anxious by Hippo Campus. All the words in that song flow so well and the way it’s sung really colors in the lines in a beautiful way.

What’s your favorite venue in Chicago?

B: Beat Kitchen is one of my favorites – it’s just very cozy in there and I like the size of it. 275 cap is a really nice mid-size show.

H: I think the Vic is a great place to see shows (we saw Milky Chance there.) I think Beat Kitchen is my favorite to play. Chop Shop was sick to play too.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?    

B: Hillary Duff – Come Clean

H: Hillary Duff – Come Clean (because Bridget would be driving)

What’s the worst concert you’ve ever been to and why?

B: I had to see opera for college classes a couple of times and that was never fun.

H: I saw Panic at the Disco at Tinley Park once and I had to start counting the times Brendon Urie went to a high pitch squeal, it was very distracting and self-infatuated. (54 times)

Favorite method of listening to music (i.e. vinyl, cassette, 8-track, etc.)

B: I recently upgraded my speaker setup at home so I really like cranking it through the subwoofer and desktop speakers.

H: In the car.

Was “Songs From The Spare Room” actually written in a spare room?

B: It wasn’t written in one but we did record in one!

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “Songs From the Spare Room”?

B: Have fun and be safe!

H: There is one section of the upper midwest and further west that makes up 68% of the United States total pierogi consumption. It is called the pierogi pocket and it is shaped like a pierogi.

I’ll be honest, I was left wondering if Minneapolis is part of the pierogi pocket and wondering could these guys be any more awesome? It was so much fun getting to pick Haley and Bridget’s minds a bit. I hope you had fun reading and hope you drop everything right now and check out their new dual-single “Songs From The Spare Room” (oh, and show them some love on their socials!)!

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