Today is day one of wedding adventures as I get ready for my brother’s big day tomorrow. It’s been an insane day and I’m a little stressed, already exhausted, but so excited for the rest of the weekend. That being said, amazing new music coming out does not stop just because my little brother is getting married so I wanted to take a little break today to check out Bali Yaaah’s brand new album ‘Lost Behind the Clouds’.

Bali Yaaah instantly caught my ear with “Kingdom”, the first song from this seven-song album. It’s a little funky, a little groovy and has a whole lot of attitude right off the bat. Prominent organs and dreamy lines of guitar notes kick the track off before retro-feeling vocals take over. This opening track is a little bit spacier than I typically like but there are so many intricacies heard throughout that it feels far from dull or slow moving. At nine and a half minutes long, this is definitely one of those epic type of songs as there is so much movement throughout the track and ebbs and flows in a perfect way but there are still some unsuspected turns throughout the journey. Throughout this track, I was completely taken aback by the creativity of the movement. With multiple “modes” throughout the track, this could have easily been a few different songs but I loved how it all came together as one.

“Take Me to the Beach” focuses more on the retro feeling that was felt throughout “Kingdom”. It’s definitely a little surf-rocky to me but maybe that is purely based on the song title and lyrical content. Regardless, I loved where this sunny song took me away to and it had me forgetting about the flurries that were starting to fly outside. Along with the retro vibe is a very psychedelic feel. I could almost see people sporting tye-dye and round sunglasses walk around me as I lost myself in this track. Just when I found myself completely outside of my being and lost in a perfect California seaside, “Give Me Your Fire” snapped me back to reality. The lyrical content is what really caught me in this track. It’s sweet and soft but with a sense of swagger that seems to be a signature of Bali Yaaah. “Give Me Your Fire” was instantly a favorite track of mine due to all of that and then some.

The garage-rock vibe that kicks off “Call It for Real” sets this fourth track apart from the others but still there’s this undeniable almost old-school psychedelic feeling throughout the track. Another long one at just a hair over six minutes. I loved how this track was able to keep my attention throughout. Again, it’s all in the master song-writing capability of this band. It has a fairly standard composition to it but what the band does with the ebbs and flows and the small instrumental intricacies makes it seem so much more creative than other tracks I have heard lately.

“Until We’ve Made Up” showcases a whole new style of vocals for this album. The vocals have a bit more of a pop feeling to them with how silky smooth they are but this track is far from a pop song. I honestly don’t think that Bali Yaaah could ever write just a standard pop song. They have too many interesting elements that can be heard and felt throughout this album that I just don’t think they could dumb it down enough for a commercialized track. That being said, I felt that this track is one of the less-assuming tracks on the album. It’s just a bit more low key and a bit slower moving than previous songs giving the listener a bit more of a chance to catch the brilliance of this band.

‘Lost Behind the Clouds’ closes out with “Fell It a Bit” and “Casper”. Still keeping true with the retro and almost psychedelic vibe that Bali Yaaah does so well, “Fell It a Bit” seems to bring in an almost 90s vibe which, if you know me, you know this was right up my alley. This track builds in a perfect way before “Casper” comes in and takes us home with the album. Both of these final tracks have a very triumphant and joyous feeling to them but both in different way which encapsulates this album in such a perfect way. Whereas “Fell It a Bit” seemed to have that more standard sound from “Call It for Real”, “Casper” seemed to focus a bit more on that spacey psychedelic feeling of “Kingdom”.

‘Lost Behind the Clouds’ is a true journey and, within the journey that is this full album, there are many side streets that come in the form of the individual tracks. Although this is not a concept album, it kind of feels like it and really just showcases the true creativity and musicianship behind Bali Yaaah. This was definitely a different kind of listen for me but what a great trip!

My Favorite Track(s): “Give Me Your Fire”

For Fans Of: Epic Journeys; Creative Songwriting

Mosh-ability: 3 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: All three cats wandered the house aimlessly

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.4 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.8 out of 10

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