The onslaught of snow that we are getting up here in Minneapolis right now is making it hard to focus on work. It’s the kind of snow where all you want to do is curl up with your cats and read a book (and by read a book, I obviously mean nap) but I just have too much work to do yet today to make that a reality. Thankfully, I have “Tokyo (A Straightforward Affair)” from Foreseers to keep me going.

The distorted guitars that kick off this four and a half minute song absolutely hook you and, within no time, this song blasts into a very cool blend of post-hardcore instrumentation with an almost old-school screamo styled vocal. It’s full of life and energy but the slow beat keeps the song from feeling as chaotic as I think it probably could have been.

There are multiple elements throughout this track that caught me off guard including the breakdowns, an odd higher pitched vocal that adds yet another layer to this already multi-layered track, and a lot of other things (that I will obvious not ruin for you).

“Tokyo (A Straightforward Affair)” is one of those tracks you absolutely just have to hear for yourself because my words could never do this justice. Creativity, power, unique composition, distinct style– Foreseers does it all in this track!

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