Soulcolour’s debut single “Forever and a Day” is one of those songs that catches you right away. I already told you all about this single in my post HERE but, in case you missed it, here’s the short of it:

This song is so sweet and so full of heart. The vocals fly over the acoustic guitar and, even though those are the only two elements in this track, the power and lush ambiance that comes from this track is staggering. Vocally, I am all about this song. With lyrics that are just as beautiful as the presentation, I loved the amount of soul that comes with every word. Instrumentally, the guitar work, at times, feels a bit overpowering but I liked that as it just adds to the subtle and surprising power that comes from this more low-key song. Sure, acoustic, slow, and somber are all words that I want to use to describe this song and typically those are not my favorite words to praise a song but, in the case of Soulcolour’s “Forever and a Day”, those elements are what make this song a stand-out.

I was beyond honored to have heard this track but even more honored when the duo took me up on the offer to interview them so why waste anymore time. Let’s learn a bit more about this band and their Rubik’s cube skills!

What’s the worst part about living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

[Nieshira] I love Portsmouth so much, the only downside is it can be difficult to find parking.
[Will] Ditto on the parking. And it’s become expensive and has lost a little bit of its grit. But, I still love it. Amazing music scene.

Favorite lyrics of all time?

[Nieshira] “Don’t worry, be happy” – Bobby Mcferrin
[Will] Any lyric from Rival Son’s “Keep on Swinging.” It’s how I feel about making our way as we build Soulcolour’s rep as an act.

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would it be and why?

[Nieshira] I’m definitely a cat. I enjoy naps in the sun and attention from loved ones. I take time to plan before making decisions but I still know how to have fun.
[Will] Elephant. I never forget anything, many times to my detriment.

What’s the best part about just being a duo?

[Nieshira] The best part of being a duo is the ease of set-up and breakdown for our gigs.
[Will]. I write these songs, sing the lyrics (poorly) into my phone and send over to Nieshira. But it’s in sepia tones, gray. When she comes back and sings it, it’s suddenly technicolor. Magic. That’s the best.

You knew it was coming, what’s the worst part of just being a duo?

[Nieshira] The toughest aspect of being a duo is the pressure to always do our best. With no other bandmates or instruments, we really rely on each other.
[Will] I feel like some of the larger venues won’t give an acoustic duo the time of day. So it’s that pressure to constantly perform our best and get noticed. So, we endeavor to tear the place down, every show.

If you could have dinner with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

[Nieshira] Taylor Swift amazes me with her ability to write music and perform. I would love to have dinner with her and soak up a little of her
[Will] Jeff Buckley. He wrote one of the most heartbreaking albums of all time. Channeled every emotion. Gone too soon.

Have you ever been able to finish a Rubik’s Cube?

[Nieshira] I haven’t! The last time I tried was over 2 decades ago. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.
[Will] Nope. I have a 10 second attention span. I’d rather spend those 10 seconds playing guitar.

You guys grind when it comes to performing live– What’s the worst live show you’ve ever played and why?

[Nieshira] The worst show was an outdoor show at the end of Spring. It was so cold I found myself shaking at times. It isn’t easy to perform when you’re that chilly.
[Will] One of the difficulties is having to lug our own sound around and there’s always a danger that no matter what you do, the room will sound like sh*t. Especially when your amp cuts out in the middle of a song an hour into a 3 hour set and never comes back on life support. That actually happened at a venue where we wanted to become regulars. Nightmare. Instant sweat. Not sure why, but I packed an extra amp that day. Divine intervention. But I was pretty rattled the rest of the gig. (We did make the regular rotation!)

What was the first concert you ever went to?

[Nieshira] Phish
[Will] REM

What’s your favorite method of listening to music?

[Nieshira] I really love the Youtube app and Spotify
[Will]. Spotify and Sirius now, but I grew up over the vinyl, cassette AND CD eras (aging myself) – so I have a ton of stuff collecting dust.

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?

[Nieshira] Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home”
[Will] “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em”. Eric B & Rakim

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “Forever And A Day”?

[Will]. It comes from a real place, one I think everyone has been to. And sometimes there is no convenient, neat ending to things. Things go unresolved. Bittersweet.

What drink would pair best with listening to this single?

[Nieshira] A Manhattan would pair well. Classy but simple. You get the warmth from bourbon, a dash of bitters like a splash of reality, but the sweet cherry ending is just right!

I really adore the lyrics throughout this song. Did you write this whole thing in one sitting or was it a whole process?

[Will] Thank you! Yeah, pretty much one sitting for lyrics with some small edits after letting it sink in. I had this bittersweet 70’s style chord progression I had been working on and suddenly it triggered the emotional way-back machine and the chorus just showed up. So I finished it right then and there. That’s the best way, I think. My worst stuff is over-thought.

Have you ever thought about doing a full band?

[Will] We get asked this all of the time. We have access to so many amazing musicians here in Portsmouth (many are our friends) that we could do it easily. It’d be fun, for sure. But I am not sure that’s us or the product we are trying to put on stage. We are a live band first and foremost and we want to be true to what we are. The acoustic duo vibe is not for everyone, but we try and gather converts every show.

“Forever And A Day” is your debut single (which is shocking because it feels so polished). Can we expect more like this from your upcoming EP?

[Will]. Yes. This is our vibe. Simple. Two voices. Real. You can hear that in the recording – it’s not perfect. It’s what we sound like live. We wanted to capture that. We will have the EP out later this spring, and we just released our second single “Take Me Home” but we are already writing new stuff that is a little different. We’ve only been together a little more that a year, so we are just figuring things out.

Much like their single, “Forever and a Day”, Both Will and Nieshira seem to have this air of peace, calm yet fun around them as shown with all of their answers. Out of all of their answers, I loved their answer to the full band question the most. These two amazing humans know what they are doing and they do it well so why change it. Don’t believe me about them doing it well? Check out their single “Forever And A Day” and make sure to follow them on their socials so you don’t miss that upcoming EP!

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