It has been super warm up here in Minneapolis. It’s honestly kind of wild but it has me in the mood to grab some girlfriends, load into my tic-tac of a car, and drive with no real destination or plan. Just drive with the windows down and the music up. In this dreamland where I’m not chained to my desk working over a hundred hours a week, we have the perfect song playing as do this drive. That song is “Rubber Hits the Road” from SUSU.

SUSU’s sound is amazing but their personalities and swagger in the song are what really make it for me so of course I jumped on the opportunity to ask them some questions and, no surprise here, their personalities continued to shine with every question I asked.

What’s your go-to purchase at a gas station (outside of gas) when on a road trip?
Candy, Seltzer, Coffee. Repeat!

How would you describe your music to your parents?
I think the question you are asking is… “How do they describe it to us?”

Everyone says that every crowd is their favorite but, what city has the best audience and why?
NEW YORK CITY perioddddtttttttttttttt!

What’s your go-to coffee order?
We have two orders: Liza – Black, Kia – Flat white with Oat milk and Vanilla

If you could compare yourself to a bird, what bird would it be and why?
Uh OH! We can’t fuck with birds. But I guess if i’d be any bird it would be BIg Bird – Kia
I would be the bird from Planet Earth that clears the space to put on A show for its’ lover – Liz

Favorite lyrics of all time?
“Is that all there is?” performed by Peggy Lee

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?

Bombs over Baghdad

What’s an old-school fad that you wish would come back?

Pagers – Liza; Anything Busta Rhymes wore in the 80s, 90s, and early aughts – Kia

If you could have dinner with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Aretha, Tina, Cher….you can’t do this to us…Neil Young, Tom Petty, Liza Manelli…Mahalia, Irma Thomas, Otis Reddding, Carla Thomas, Irma Franklin, Carmen McRae, Yoko Ono, Auntie Mavis, Freddie King…Harry Nilsson, Carol King, Steve Mariott, Shirley Bassey, Shirley McLaine…We don’t like this game!

What’s your favorite video game and why?
Grand Theft Auto – Killer Soundtrack and Cameos – Kia; The Legend of Zelda – Liza

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “Rubber Hits The Road”?
Fun Fact: one of us is CRUSHING the harmonica on this track (It’s Liza)

What’s your favorite street to let the “rubber hit the road” and why?
Mullholland Drive – sick driving, scenery, classic California – Kia

What’s your dream car?

There’s a very retro vibe to this song, do you feel like you were born in the right decade? If not, what decade should it have been?

Liza – Right decade because we found each other right che; Kia – I believe in reincarnation. We’ve already been here before.

“Rubber Hits The Road” is off of your upcoming album ‘Call Susie’. Who is Susie?
That is the question! She is our Manager…you should have directed all these questions to her.

Why did you choose this song to be the single?
We uhhhh called Susie…Susie advised us that this should be our 6th release and uh that’s the short and long of it.

Can we expect more perfect “Windows Down, Music Up” type driving songs from the album?

“Windows Down, Music Up, Titties Out, Pussies Drawn, attitude attitude attitude… we got hits for it all baby!

I mean, that last answer says it all about SUSU. They are unapologetically themselves and truly have an attitude as big as the soul that you hear come in with every word in “Rubber Hits the Road”. So get in the car, roll those windows down, hit play and let the “rubber hit the road” in more than one way. It’ll surely put a smile on your face and make you forget whatever your mind has been stuck on lately.

SUSU has a lot of shows coming up on the west coast (and one in Mexico!) so, please, go see and support this amazing group!

Here’s what’s on the docket for them:

  • April 27th SUSU makes their next global stop at Ilegal Mezcal’s Bar Ilegal – Palenque Mal De Amor, Oaxaca Mexico
  • May 6th SUSU rocks alongside L7, Pussy Riot and more – Belltown Bloom, Seattle WA
  • May 7th SUSU headlines at one of Portland, OR top music venues – Mississippi Studios
  • Nov 15th NYC – Call Susie record release show
  • Nov. 17th Call Susie out on all platforms

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