Things are finally getting a little bit back to normal up here in Minneapolis and it is such a relief. I feel like the past week, no, month, no year has been spent with all of us holding our breaths and although what happened the other day in the Chauvin trial isn’t a complete change in what’s going on in this city, it’s a step forward and that calls for a celebration. So, now seems like a good time to check out Celebration Guns’ ‘…On Aging Gracelessly’. Let’s dig into this quick release that came to me in the form of a cassette (which you know I’m a sucker for).

“No Longer Lost Together” starts off very soft and sweet. The sound in this opening track builds and grows until the vocals come in and completely swept me off of my feet. Very emo, very sensitive, and very perfect, every word came with a sense of heaviness and beauty. The track really hits its stride right around the minute and a half mark. The growth heard in the beginning reaches a climax before falling back down to the sensitive nature that Celebration Guns clearly does so well. There’s something comforting about this track both in the words and the vibe of the track. To say I’m already in love with this band on their first song on this quick release would be an understatement.

The pace of “Taking Sides” is a huge contrast to that of “No Longer Lost Together” but the moodiness stays the same. Although the beat is a bit quicker and the guitar part a little more intricate, there’s no denying the emotional power in this second track. This one was an instant favorite of mine because of the subtle aggression felt and heard in the chorus of this track. Sadly, this track is also the shortest on this release at under three minutes. I hope that the edge you can hear in this track is something that continues through the end of this cassette.

“If Wishes Were Fixes” splits the difference between the first two tracks in the best way possible. It has that edge of slight aggression that I heard in “Taking Sides” but also has the emotional beauty that swept me off of my feet during “No Longer Lost Together”. Although this band is from Arizona, there’s something very Midwest about Celebration Guns and their sound. This track is a good example of that. Although I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is that makes this feel like a good ol’ fashioned Midwest emo band, I assure you it’s there. There’s something comforting about the words and the manner with which they are presented that I think is a very Midwest thing. 

This quick four-song album closes with “Old Man Yells At Cloud” which continues to showcase both the emotional side of Celebration Guns along with the more aggressive edge that comes in and out throughout this release. The guitar work on this final track is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s someone crystal clear while having a cool little echo effect on it. Whether that’s an actual effect or just my ears hearing things, it’s a great little magical touch to an already magical track. I am just now realizing that even though this final track is fading out of my speakers and leaving me in silence, I never once mentioned how amazing the lyrics throughout this album are. I guess that means you’ll just have to take a listen for yourself!

This album is far too quick. Celebration Guns have a nostalgic vibe and an amazing sound to their music that I am a huge fan of. If you’re like me and still unwilling to leave the early 2000’s pop-punk/emo phase then this quick listen is absolutely for you. Hell, if you just like good music in general, this is the listen for you!

My Favorite Track(s): I seriously loved them all but if I HAVE to pick one, it would be “Taking Sides”

For Fans Of: Nostalgic Emo Pop-Punk; Emotion; Subtle Aggression

Mosh-ability: 7 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie laid next to my desk; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 9 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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