It’s Monday and I am really struggling with staying on focus with work. I have been working on remodeling my kitchen a bit and just cleaning up the house in general but even that isn’t a good enough distraction from time to time to help and get me re-focused. I’m just a bit all over the place so let’s try checking out some new music to see if that helps me get back to it!

The opening track “Do Not Sleep On Us” really draws you into the world of War Tongue in the best way. It starts off slow with just a small pattern of noise before the entire band kicks in and whisks you away. I was instantly hooked on the shouted vocals of this track. It’s a little hardcore based and a little metalcore feeling while the instrumentation feels almost a bit experimental with the chord progressions and overall dissonance. I really love how this opening song is super full of energy and power but has clear movements throughout it. Even though just under two and a half minutes long, it sets the stage for what you may be able to expect from the remaining five tracks on the EP.

“Scene” unsurprisingly continues to bring War Tongue’s sense of power to the forefront but something about the vocals changes in this track which I adored. Although still intense and full of passion and fury, there’s a bit more of a melody that comes out of them instead of just pure shouting. This track instantly reminded me of Blindside for some reason. I think it’s just the overall intensity and power but, regardless, this was instantly a favorite of mine but far too short and, before I knew it, “Kill Trust” had taken over my house (and the neighbor’s probably with the way I kept bumping the volume up). “Kill Trust” turns the focus back onto the controlled chaos felt in “Do Not Sleep On Us”. Not only is this song fast, but it’s also short at just a minute and one second long I loved how even with such a short track, War Tongue was able to show you a whole different side of the band than previously heard on this EP.

The fourth track on this release, “Opinion” seems to split the difference between “Scene” and “Kill Trust” in a perfect way. There are some sung melody-type vocals while there are also those distinct shouted words that War Tongue does so well. The instrumentation seems a bit more intentional in this track making it feel ever so slightly more accessible but, all in all, this track continues with War Tongues’ unique sound and style. I’ll warn you now, this EP moves super quickly and, just when I was getting cozied up to “Opinion”, powerful and stampeding drums took over my house to signify the beginning of “You’re the Parade”. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but I loved the way that the drums of this track have an almost marching quality of them in reference to the song title. Mistake or not, this track powers through with a sense of intensity and almost aggression that I found completely addicting.

War Tongue’s self-titled EP is definitely one of those listens that I never wanted to end but “Cults” is the final track on this release and although bummed as it started to play, I found myself yet again completely enthralled in the overall power of this ending track. There are no soft tracks on this album and although there are shifts in the vocal styling throughout, this EP never loses its steam and that is case in point with this final track. Ending on yet another super intense track, listening to “Cults” made me want to go back and re-listen to this entire EP all over again so excuse me while I do just that!

My Favorite Track(s): “Scene”

For Fans Of: Short and Powerful Bangers; Energy

Mosh-ability: 9.2 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie slept on the couch; Autumn sat at the front door looking out the screen while chirping

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 10 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 9.1 out of 10

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