I won’t lie, I’m fading fast over here. It has been a Monday like no other Monday and I’m ready for bed but I also think I have one more review in me and I have been intrigued by Mylo Bybee since I got an email from them. I’m intrigued because I don’t think that Mylo Bybee is the name of a member and the logo they sent over has an almost 80’s vibe to it. So let’s check out this 5 song EP really quick and see what these kids are all about!

“Cornered” kicks off this EP with a strong guitar before a band jumps in and really kicks this track in the butt. I don’t know what I was expecting as far as the vocals were concerned but I know that what I got was not what I had in mind. It was a super pleasant surprise. The vocals sound youthful yet smooth. There’s a sense of optimism and freedom that comes with this track. Although it would be easy to peg this track (and band) into the indie-pop scene, there’s something more to them that I just can’t put my finger on quite yet. Even as “The Bricklayer” took over my speakers, I still couldn’t quite find the right words as far as genre goes to describe these guys but who cares? Much like “Cornered”, “The Bricklayer” is one of those just all-around solid tracks. The vocals definitely steal the spotlight during this track but there’s no denying the prominent bassline or the way the entire band sounds so perfect together. The balance is pure magic and the constraint and control that you can feel in this track is pure magic.

There’s something so familiar about Mylo Bybee’s sound and it was during “Down Not Out” that I finally figured it out. Although definitely fresh and new sounding, there’s something super nostalgic about their sound. It almost takes me back to some of the more obscure bands of the early 2000s that weren’t really pop-punk but somehow found themselves in that scene. I’m almost getting a little Steel Train vibe from “Down Not Out”. That mixed with the overall feeling of this track made it a favorite of mine. Although it’s a very polished track just like the previous songs, there’s something rawer emotionally about this song that I just couldn’t get enough of. It’s not quite goosebump-inducing but it’s damn close.

“Spit” definitely gave me the goosebumps that I was close to during “Down Not Out”. Not only is “Spit” raw like the previous track but it’s a very heart-on-your-sleeve feeling. Although I love the energy I got from the first two tracks of Mylo Bybee’s, I think I like this more sensitive side more which is weird coming from me. Maybe it’s because I’m tired and it’s been a day or maybe it’s just the pure beauty of this track. Regardless, this song is seriously speaking to my heart and soul so please excuse me while I just take the next minute or so to get lost in this track.

This quick EP closes out with the shortest song on the release, “End of the War”. This track is the happy median between the energy felt in the first couple of tracks and the emotion heard in the later tracks. Although the shortest track, this one packs a beautiful punch and has waves of energy and sound that fit so perfectly within the track. The song didn’t always quite go where I expected it to go as far as those rises and falls were concerned but I liked that it kept me on my toes and kept me guessing.

I don’t know anything about Mylo Bybee. As usual, I still have not done any digging into the band because I like to do these reviews without knowing anything. I don’t want to know what the band looks like, don’t want to know how old they are, don’t want to know their influences or even how many members there are. Now that I’ve listened to this EP, I can’t wait to dig in and find out more about this amazing band. I don’t know if they are actually new or just new to me but I know that I want so much more from these guys!

My Favorite Track(s): “Down Not Out”

For Fans Of: Powerful Yet Controlled Sounds; Indie-Pop With a Nostalgia Factor

Mosh-ability: 5 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie laid right next to my desk; Autumn slept on the stairs leading upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.3 out of 10

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