Part of me wishes artists would give me more background on some of the tracks that they send me. The other part of me loves that they don’t because it allows me to get in my head with every track. That’s the case with “Back To Me” from Wandering With. I’ll admit, this one leans a bit more hard rock than I typically go but there’s something about this song that absolutely hooked me.

Although, as mentioned, this is definitely in the hard rock vein of things, there’s a sense of darkness and almost metalcore influence throughout this track that kept me from writing Wandering With off. From epic guitar work that can be heard throughout the track to super powerful vocals that will leave you gasping for air if you listen to it correctly, I just could not deny the sheer power and passion that comes through on this track. “Back To Me” is a bit formulaic when it comes to the composition but what Wandering With does with the breaks and breakdowns throughout this song is anything but predictable.

Give this song a chance. Even if you’re like me and don’t typically like the more hard rock style that this song comes with, there’s a lot more to this track when you start digging into it.

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