“Moving On (I’m Done)” from Thxrnhill comes off as an instant classic– there’s something unique and unfamiliar about the song but also something super traditional and comforting about the song. From a mystery phone call playing throughout the song to explosive drums and emotive vocals, this song just screams pop-punk perfection but with an edge so, when Thxrnhill reached out about being interested in doing a small interview, I jumped on it!

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
100% it does, now don’t get me wrong, Id never order it but I don’t see why people get so annoyed at it?

What’s your go-to coffee order?
Depends on the weather, on a hot day its an iced caramel latte, on a cold day its an cappuccino

Did Matt Skiba help or hurt Blink 182?
Aha I like Matt from his Alkaline Trio days, Mercy me and tbf the whole Crimson album so I didn’t mind him in Blink. Of course, nothing beats the original Blink line up. Seen both bands a few times

What’s your go-to purchase at a gas station (outside of gas) when on a road trip?
Id be grabbing a monster and some chocolate of some sort…… probably galaxy

How would you describe your music to your parents?
Tbf I never play my parents my music until its released so I always have to explain in to them aha. Then without sounding obvious like Pop Rock, like pop music with heavier guitars.

What’s your favourite video game and why?
What a tough question. Growing up would be Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, that’s what I spent most time online on. Then GTA 3 as well on the PS2. At the moment its Hogwarts on PS5

What’s your favourite menu item at Mcdonalds?
Mcspicy, large fries and a coke. Oh and a Triple Cheeseburger aha

If you were to rob a bank, what would be the song playing in the getaway car as you escape?
Ohhh im going Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit or Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
There are three. The 1975, John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen. Probably 3 you weren’t expecting. Honourable mentions go to Green Day and Bloc Party

What’s one thing I should know before listening to “Moving On (I’m Done)”?
Its my first pop punk release, currently doing really well, been playlisted on multiple Spotify playlists and got its radio debut on BBC Radio 1

The pop-punk vibe in this track is heard loud and clear– what was the best year for pop-punk?
Best year for pop punk? I don’t think I could pick a year, I’ve been listening to it my whole life so its kind of merged into one aha. My favourite decade has to be the 00’s, Blink 182 being my favourite, then early Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Taking back Sunday etc

Do you have a favourite band right now?
My favourite band at the moment is The 1975. I have so many phases with bands right now. It can The 1975, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Nothing Nowhere. It really varies

You utilize the audio from a phone call– was this a real phone call or made for the song?
It was a real voicemail but it wasn’t for me. Tbf it was a random add into the song. Ive been working on another artists, Kyler Daniel’s music and he really takes advantage of voice notes and messages he has on his phone. So thought why not and it works really well in the breaks

What’s the biggest takeaway you want people to have after hearing this amazing song?
It just want people to enjoy it, It was written to be a release and a reflection for anyone that has been in that position in a relationship and to realise its ok to walk away and rebuild.

Where did the name “Thxrnhill” come from?
It was actually my Dad, Neil. I was really struggling for an artist name. As ive always produced for other artists I didn’t need one. Then when I released “Still Miss Ya” I needed one. I finished up at the studio and meet my dad in the pub and tbf it was the first name he said. The name comes from the road I grew up on “Thornhill Road”

This is only your second single– could we maybe expect an album or EP soon?
I’m glad you asked, there is an EP already recorded/mixed and mastered. It’s a collab project still Pop/Punk. I’m actually really excited for it. There’s so much music stuff going on at the moment I have a whole year mapped out. With some really BIG collab artists so follow me on all socials to keep up to date.

There are so many things from this interview I want to comment on from how cute it is that his dad helped me figure out the stage name to all of his comments about 00s pop-punk. I truly think that if Thxrnhill lived in the Twin Cities, we may be best friends that eat pineapple pizza together while sipping on our iced caramel lattes. But those aren’t the biggest takeaways here. The biggest takeaway is the talent that Thxrnhil has and the true dedication he has to his craft. This man knows how to make great music and I, for one, can not wait to hear what he has in store for the upcoming EP!

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